Allergy to pets or hobby animals?

If suspicion arises that you are allergic to your beloved pet, it should be verified quickly. Allergies to pets can promote itching and neurodermatitis, lead to allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and cough irritation, to chronic asthma.

In the ALEX test, we quickly see against which animal allergens - e.g. from hamster, cat, dog to horse - are actually detected by your IgE in the blood, and what the risk is that the disease will worsen. Often one assumes as an animal owner that others, but not the own animal, make complaints. In fact, the basophil activation test (BAT) can be used to determine if the immune system has learned to tolerate the allergen despite the presence of specific IgE.

We understand that allergies to pets are a particular problem in the partnership and in the whole family. We therefore provide very sensitive advice on how best to manage the problem with a range of practical measures. Families where allergies are already present should seek advice before planning a family, or in any case before acquiring a pet.

Animal allergies: initial consultation + ALEX test