Show the allergy the tongue!

Mild forms of allergies can be suppressed by eye and nose drops, and taking anti-histamines or cortisone.

If a pollen or dust mite allergy is behind it, we recommend allergen immunotherapy as the only treatment with a possible curative effect. Whether you choose injections or prefer sublingual immunotherapy will be discussed with you personally. Allergen immunotherapy takes 3-5 years to achieve optimal protection. In the case of pollen allergies, I recommend that you make a firm note of this for the autumn after diagnosis in order to already have good protection in the following pollen season.

Children can be treated with sublingual therapy (daily drops under the tongue) from the age of 2, and with injections from the age of 5. In both cases, a shortened treatment is also possible today, in each case for only about 3 months per treatment year. If you have had allergen immunotherapy before, there is the possibility of a refresher.

In terms of allergen immunotherapies, we have an excellent cooperation with dermatologist Dr. Dagmara Loader, and in the case of children, with pediatrician Dr. Anne Stein at the Döbling Private Clinic.

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