Show your tongue to allergy!

Mild forms of allergies can be controlled by eye and nose drops, with anti-histamines or cortisone.

If a pollen or house dust mite allergy is behind it, we recommend the allergen immunotherapy as the only treatment with possible healing effects. Whether you opt for injections, or prefer a sublingual immunotherapy, will be coordinated with you personally. Allergen immunotherapy takes 3-5 years to achieve optimal protection. For pollen allergy, I recommend to mark this for autumn after diagnosis to have a good protection in the following pollen season.

Children can be treated with the sublingual therapy from the age of 2 years, with the 5th year of life with injections. In both cases, shortened treatment is now possible for only about 3 months per treatment year.

If you have previously had an allergen immunotherapy, there is the possibility of a refresher.

To facilitate vaccination success, we favor the use of probiotics or synbiotics during allergen immunotherapy. They balance the immune balance in the intestine and counteract hypersensitivity to allergens.

Because timely

diagnosis is

really important.