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ORF Dok 1 - Allergies


ORF1 - Dok1 with Hanno Settele. April 26, 2023, prime time 20:15 in ORF 1: Allergies - When nature becomes your enemy. It was an exciting shoot with Prof. Erika Jensen-Jarolim as an expert. Read more in this article: "...12 people come for a blood test and discover a plethora of allergies. Even Hanno Settele [...]

ORF Dok 1 - Allergies2023-04-27T11:06:17+01:00

How to use the adrenaline AUTOINJECTOR


Arta has suffered from a severe food allergy to cashew nuts since infancy. In the video, she explains how to use the epinephrine auto-injector in an emergency. Arta calls the auto-injector a "life-saving syringe" in the film. She is right about that, because in the case of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), an EpiPen® or a JEXT® can actually save lives. Arta would like to [...]

How to use the adrenaline AUTOINJECTOR2023-03-28T10:35:30+01:00



Pollen season with new quality. 21.03.2023, ORF 2, Vienna Today. See what we think about the current pollen season in this report by Doris Manola. Vienna Today, ORF 2


WorldWomen's Day


For International Women's Day much strength to all women! 08.03.2023. By the way, "allergy is female", because female sexual hormones can play a reinforcing role. Significantly more girls and women suffer from allergic symptoms, as well as intolerances, by the way. Read more about the gender differences here: Allergie-Infodienst.de

WorldWomen's Day2023-03-28T10:26:33+01:00
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