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Allergy to the cat?


International Cat Day. Today, every third household has a cat, and sensitization to cats is on the rise among children and adults. Common are allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis up to asthma, or itching of the skin and palate. You can do something about this now! Read more in the press release.

Allergy to the cat?2023-08-07T21:02:55+01:00

The weather and allergies


Bad weather and allergies? Due to climate change, thunderstorms are becoming more violent - in the process, pollen and spores are torn high into the cloud towers, mechanically fragmented and come down again as tiny particles with cold downdrafts. Then they can be inhaled deeply and even trigger asthma. We take weather-related correlations into account in medical discussions. Also The Austrian Pollen Information Service [...].

The weather and allergies2023-08-06T14:20:22+01:00

ORF Dok 1 - Allergies


ORF1 - Dok1 with Hanno Settele. April 26, 2023, prime time 20:15 in ORF 1: Allergies - When nature becomes your enemy. It was an exciting shoot with Prof. Erika Jensen-Jarolim as an expert. Read more in this article: "...12 people come for a blood test and discover a plethora of allergies. Even Hanno Settele [...]

ORF Dok 1 - Allergies2023-08-06T14:03:23+01:00

How to use the adrenaline AUTOINJECTOR


Arta has suffered from a severe food allergy to cashew nuts since infancy. In the video, she explains how to use the epinephrine auto-injector in an emergency. Arta calls the auto-injector a "life-saving syringe" in the film. She is right about that, because in the case of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), an EpiPen® or a JEXT® can actually save lives. Arta would like to [...]

How to use the adrenaline AUTOINJECTOR2023-03-28T10:35:30+01:00



Pollen season with new quality. 21.03.2023, ORF 2, Vienna Today. See what we think about the current pollen season in this report by Doris Manola. Vienna Today, ORF 2


WorldWomen's Day


For International Women's Day much strength to all women! 08.03.2023. By the way, "allergy is female", because female sexual hormones can play a reinforcing role. Significantly more girls and women suffer from allergic symptoms, as well as intolerances, by the way. Read more about the gender differences here: Allergie-Infodienst.de

WorldWomen's Day2023-03-28T10:26:33+01:00
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