Many COVID-19 infections are mild or with unclear symptoms, so not everyone will be tested for the actual presence of the virus. But, most people produce immunoglobulins (alias: antibodies) against the viruses. In our quick test you will have an answer after 15 minutes whether you have ever could have had a COVID-19 infection. 

From about 5-8 days after infection, our immune system produces so-called immunoglobulins to defend against viruses. While immunoglobulins M (IgM) are only present until about week 6 after infection (short-term parameters), immunoglobulins G (IgG) can be measured much longer (long-term parameters). It is therefore very likely that the test will provide information on whether this infection has occurred and whether it was recently or a long time ago.

Whether the immunoglobulins formed have a protective function against COVID-19 is currently still controversial, but immunologically probable.

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