How the ALEX test works.

Your blood is tested for 295 allergens. The more IgE you have in your blood, the stronger the allergen dots will light up in the ALEX test. We then have the indication to which of the allergens you are hypersensitive.

The ALEX result is sent to you in coded form together with the medical report letter, usually within a few days via our "Latido" ordination program. You will learn the significance of the ALEX result for your personal allergy risk in the discussion of the findings, which will take place about a week later on site or via telemedicine.

Kit order

How the initial interview works:

We give ourselves good time to work out the causes of your complaints detective-like together with you. If your medical history points to an IgE-mediated allergy, a blood sample will be taken for the ALEX® test with 295 allergens. We only need a "thimbleful" of blood for this. Please contact us in advance by email if you plan to come with children under the age of 8. We are also happy to send a kit for adults to take blood at home.

Initial consultation + ALEX test: private clinic or from home