Food intolerance to tomatoes, milk, fruits, or with Asian food?

Food intolerances cannot be treated, but they can be managed quite well by specifically avoiding the food that triggers them! Normally, enzymes help us to digest and therefore also to tolerate ingested food. When these enzymes function insufficiently, the unpleasant side effects occur. Food intolerances can have a serious impact on the quality of life.

Since the immune system is not involved in intolerance, it is not possible to prove intolerance in a regular allergy test, but a positive provocation test with the suspected food is needed. You need to prepare for a food intolerance test from the evening before, you come to us in the morning fasting. The test itself takes about 3 hours to get the result.

For other food intolerances, the basophil activation test (BAT) can help. In this test, your blood cells are provoked with substances that are especially found in processed food, such as preservatives, dyes or glutamate.

We recommend booking an initial consultation in advance, during which we will decide together which test is most suitable for you.

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